Nicknamed Jr.

I was born in Alba (CN) on 20th November 1990. After the regular 8 years of Italian primary and middle school, I oriented myself to the technical domain and I started attending high school in Geometri section. In 2009 I greatly finished high school, which led me to undertake the academic path. The faculty of Architecture, within the Course of Project, in Mondovì would then prove to be the best choice for my future decisions.

The ability of doing, thinking and developing a rational idea, that is what an Architect is supposed to do, motivated me to persevere in this journey. First of all, this academic curriculum allowed me to understand what the expression “architectonic design” stands for, thanks to the precious teachings of Professor Sisto Giroldi too. As I endured one year after another, I succeeded in developing and then increasingly maturing my own idea of architectonic arrangement, also thanks to other lectures, such as passed and present history, urban planning and any teachings concerning applied technologies.

In mid-2009 I gave birth to a work group with my fellow student Emanuele Quarelli: this project would be known as the PQND collaboration. It came up from a very crucial concept of Architecture, that is creating good Architecture in order to show it properly and allow “the audience” to wholly understand it. The study and the development of vector programs, 3D programs and programs of software rendering made my projects easy to interpret and esthetically enjoyable.

In 2010, while I was at my second year of Bachelor, I learnt some introductory notions of web languages, like HTML5, CSS3.0 e PHP. These web languages would be useful to work on my architectonic projects and to show them more and more dynamically. Besides, by learning how to create internet websites I was able to publish any opinions on the web easily, to express my own thoughts freely and on my own.

Nowadays not knowing how to have a critical discussion on the Internet by one’s own means does not allow the development of one’s culture and makes way for the debasement of the power of expression, that, to me, cannot even be open to question.

2011: what a wearing year. While studying and working without interruption, I anticipated the third-year lectures of environmentally-friendly design with Professor Roberto Giordano and the techniques of environmental control with Professor Valentina Serra during my second academic year. Attending these lectures in advanced helped me manage both my new work experiences and my new academic knowledges about the sustainability of buildings. On the other hand, the workshop of architectonic construction with Professor Orio de Paoli drove my into the world of the constructive technology in a more and more detailed scale inside structural nodes.

In 2012, my third and last year, I realized the lectures I had were not as practice-led as I wished. The efforts of conciliating both my lectures and my work commitments did not allow me to defense my bachelor thesis in summer, I was therefore forced to postpone it to the winter term.

I then acquired some knowledges of 3D editing orientated to personal and company presentation and I turned them into a sort of hobby work that helped me be constantly up-to-date about new multimedia techniques.

On 26th February 2013 I graduated in Architecture within the Course of Project, belonging to the faculty of Architecture and civil Engineering, with grade 107/110, but some two months before the official end of my academic life I started working full time in a local company dealing with logistic products.

I stepped into the world of work as a regular workman and at first I handled the CAD CAM 2D plotter used to cut any technical fabric. I got to know the logics behind the plotter machine and after a short time I had to change the logic of thinking of automatic cut in view of waste compensation and abatement by increasing the use of the mother reel from 50% to 85%. I soon became the first plotter worker.

For the following 6 months I would be busy cutting fabrics for high frequency welding machines and consolidating my concept of team inside an industrial unit. The company passed from an handmade production to an industrial production which would be increasingly better regulated by proper analytic reports I introduced personally.

Then I moved to the marketing unit where I could make the most of the strategies of web SEO and presentation I previously learnt for passion.

At the same time I was asked to supervise the industrial unit I had just left, to help manage any of its issues.

For this last purpose and for handling the company flux I created a computer system aiming at the management of the unit with programmer Alessandro Porro. Our idea worked well: this computer system balanced out the work for the workmen, elaborated on its own the statistics of past, present and future production and thanks to these statics it regulated the flux of the unit, in order to eliminate the chaos coming from the high number of requests.

Il mio programma gestionale per lo sviluppo industriale di produzione viene esteso su altri tre reparti.


My management program for the industrial development of the production was extended to other three units. After some brainstorming time, I finally undertook the good way, my own way, without letting anyone block me.

Since 2015 I have mostly been the leader of my marketing company, LANGA Corporation, as the SEO. At the same time I followed the demanding administrative management of Whylnn Group, society dealing with accommodation facilities, and many other businesses that would like to have a leading method.

After reaching my business maturity, I figured out I had to developed my activities focusing on not just the business sector but also a wider domain, that is the one concerning social issues. Thus, I have been stayed focused on community matters through charity and cultural activities.

Right now, like always, I am conceiving some new interesting business projects that represent the very challenge for my mind as a businessman.